Contact: Deb Hannu

How can I help?

You can help plan events, network with artists and educators to find keynotes, make thank you gifts, design event logos, and more.  This can take just a couple hours of your life or more if you have time!


What does Professional Development do?

It shall be the charge of Professional Development to provide meaningful growth opportunities to our members and others interested in art education though conferences and other AEM-sponsored activities.


This Includes:


Organizing development activities, including:

  • Fall Conference
  • Smaller workshops around the state
  • Ensuring that all aspects of events are taken care of, including,
    • Soliciting
    • Evaluating/selecting
    • Scheduling 
    • Presenter gifts


  • Presenters, including
    • Keynote selection (in consultation with Board)
    • Contracts (with Finance)
    • Meeting rooms
    • Food
    • Venue   


  • Materials, including:
    • Folders
    • Relicensure/CEU paperwork


  • Publicity (with Communications) including,
    • Newsletter
    • Social media
    • Mailing options


  • Vendors, including
    • Space and setup needs
    • Vendor gifts
    • Donations



If you can like to talk to people, plan events, or share art with your colleagues, Professional Development is for you!  Contact Deb to help!