Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards


The 2020 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards was another huge success!  Over 3300 artworks were submitted this year from across the state.

Here are the links to the award winners in all 3 categories:


MSAA Gold Key 2020 


MSAA Silver Key 2020


MSAA Honorable Mention 2020 




The Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards competition is the regional Scholastic event for our area.

The University of Minnesota was pleased to host the 2020 Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards (MSAA) Co-sponsored by the Art Educators of Minnesota.


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Since 1923, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity, and talent of our nation’s youth, and provided opportunities for creative teens to be celebrated. Each year, increasing numbers of teens participate in the program, and become a part of our community—young artists and writers, filmmakers and photographers, poets and sculptors, video game artists and science fiction writers, along with countless educators who support and encourage the creative process.

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The Minnesota Scholastic Art Awards (MSAA) exhibition and awards ceremonies are made possible through the generous support of our sponsors, contributors and Art Educators of Minnesota (AEM). To learn more about how you can contribute to AEM, please visit www.aem-mn.org/donate.






The presentation of the MSAA exhibitions and awards ceremonies at the Regis Center of Art's Katherine E. Nash Gallery and the Weisman Art Museum, demonstrates the high level of achievement by art students across the state of Minnesota, and the exceptional academic resources at the University of Minnesota for the study, practice and presentation of the visual arts.

MSAA Sponsorship:

Sponsored by the University of MN Department of Art, the Katherine E. Nash Gallery, and the Weisman Art Museum at the University of Minnesota, and Art Educators of Minnesota (AEM).