Nominate outstanding people here!

As art educators, we take pride in recognizing the excellent work done in our communities.   

Nominate individuals by downloading (or printing out) this form.  It's easy! 

The first page is for you (the nominator) to fill out and then the individual you are nominating should complete the other two pages (the "Vita" form).  The state and national awards use the same form so we can forward our winners on for greater recognition.  Self-nominations are also accepted! :)  



The categories are:

  • Elementary Art Educator of the Year

  • Middle Level Art Educator of the Year 

  • Secondary Art Educator of the Year

  • Higher Education Art Educator of the Year

  • Supervision/Administration Educator of the Year

  • Museum Educator of the Year

  • Distinguished Service Within the Profession

  • Distinguished Service Outside of the Profession

    Please email all completed forms to: Erika Wright