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Here are some links from 2018 Woven Spaces: Culture and Community in the Art Classroom

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Dr. Ramon Pastrano   

Here’s the link to the implicit bias tool we discussed

2017 Katie Boone, Jeremy Holien & Deborah Reeve, Pat Olson

Unconference Harvest documents are here

2016: Ricardo Levins Morales and Gabrielle Civil

2015Phil Hansen and Peyton Scott Russell

2014: Jason Ohler and Jeremy Holien


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Fall Conference Forum

Rural Art Educators of MN

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Lockie Chapman: Presentation and Resources page

Deb Fitzloff: Retirement

Tammy Nara: Art History Remix (AH resources!)

Erica Ness:  Assessment made Easy


Kevan Nitzberg: Theme-based Drawing

Lockie Chapman: Giving Students Choice in the Middle School Art Room.

Scott Russell: Public Art 

Jo Svaren: Collaboration project 

Molly Wiste: Flipped Classroom 

Leah Larson and Barbara Cox - Reading Mexican Art:

Bibliography materials on Pinterest
Note sheet template for stations
Alignment of reading skills and protocols
Apps from this session:
eBackpack to load digital images of artists' work for students to download onto ipads

Notability students recorded (typing or writing) their responses to the protocols. We will be able to track their responses over time to assess student growth.
Voice Thread