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 Editor's Note:

1)The article on plagiarism on p. 15 is not listed in the table of contents.


2)Due to a formatting error that occurred in transferring his article from a Word document to a PDF file for the newsletter, Craig Farmer's review is missing several grammatical indicators in his article,"A Cathedral, Mannequins, and Artists Dying During the AIDS Crisis". The following are the corrections that should be noted:

          1st paragraph:

  • 'a piece of the world' should have been italicized indicating a title
  • Christina's World should have been italicized as the name of Andrew Wyeth's painting
  • You showed what no one else could see. was a quote

         2nd paragraph:

  • A Line Made By Walking should have been italicized indicating a title     

         3rd paragraph

  • The Pillars of the Earth and The Cleaner of Chartres should have been italicized indicating  titles

        4th paragraph

  • The Mannequin Makers should have been italicized indicating a title

           6th paragraph

  • The Mirror Thief should have been italicized indicating a title      

           7th paragrph

  • The Golden Age should have been italicized indicating a title

           9th paragraph

  • The Fortunate Ones should have been italicized indicating a title       

           10th paragraph

  • Tell The Wolves I’m Home  should have been italicized indicating a title        





AEM's interactive newsletter, The Art Exchange, is published online three times yearly.

The Art Exchange has been a four time recipient of the NAEA Category II Award of Excellence for state newsletters (2006, 2011, 2012, 2015 and 2017). The articles and features that are provided in the newsletter are aimed at being informative, timely and beneficial to our membership.


Deadlines for submitting articles / features for publication are:

July 15th (fall issue),

December 15th (winter issue),

March 15th (spring issue).

Submission Guidelines:

All articles / features pertaining to art, art education, school, community, state, MSHSL Secton art shows and the MSAA competitions, can be submitted. AEM retains the right to approve submissions based on how they align with our Mission Statement.

Images should all be submitted as jpgs or gifs, no larger than 1 MB for e-mailing purposes.

In Photoshop go to Image and then scroll down to Image Size, change the Document size to the preferred size. Other image editing programs will have similar options available. Free programs such as Gimp are also available online to make the changes as well.

E-mail images should only be sent as attachments to Kevan Nitzberg via email at: Provide captions for appropriate placement / identification of images. If images are of students, be sure that you have obtained proper permission for their names to be included per your school or district's policy guidelines.

Articles should be no longer than one page long and sent as Word documents. Formatting or articles will be based on the best way to display them within the context of the newsletter layout. All links included in the article should be active and from reliable sources.

Videos can be submitted as links within articles or may be mailed to me in MP4 or Quicktime format on a DVD. My home address is:

Kevan Nitzberg

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Kevan Nitzberg - Editor of the Art Exchange

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