ADVOCACY committee













Contact: Laura Anton




How can I help?

You can help with art shows, attend meetings as an arts advocate, contact legislators, and be a resource for other art educators.  This can take just a couple hours of your life (or more if you have time), but is so helpful!



The charge of the advocacy committee shall be to empower our members by promoting art education throughout the state of Minnesota and beyond.

This includes:

Communicating the value of art education by:

  • Providing information on AEM’s noteworthy activities to the Communications Committee for press releases to general media
  • Submitting articles for other educational  media venues

Training members to:

  • Serve on related art and education boards statewide to represent AEM to those interests
  • Present on arts education related issues at other related institutions’ conferences

Managing Arts outreach activities, including:

  • Youth Art Month
  • Scholastic Art
  • MNSHSL Show
  • State Fair
  • Member art shows

Building relationships and partnerships with commercial interests, including:

  • Conference vendors
  • Donors/supporters


If you like to help with art shows, talk to legislators, and talk about why arts matter, Advocacy is for you!  Contact Laura to help!