Contact or Jess Jones or Kris Holsen


How can I help?

You can take minutes at meetings, help set up venues for board meetings, help plan Leadership events, or help us find people interested in board positions.  This can take just a couple hours of your life (or more if you have time), but is so helpful!


When are the Board Meetings?


What does Board Services do?

The charge of the board services committee shall be to facilitate face-to-face meetings of AEM Board members, including venue, transportation/lodging, food, and record-keeping.  


This includes:

Arranging meetings including:

  • Venue
  • Lodging/transportation options
  • Food

Record-keeping, including:

  • Taking minutes
  • Organizing minutes
  • Distributing minutes to board
  • Archiving the history of the organization

Acting as liaison to distribute information between

  • Board and membership
  • AEM and NAEA

Tracking leadership data including:

  • Committee membership
  • Board and committee contact information

Leadership training, including

  • Leadership training events
  • Keeping board members current on relevant leadership issues

Parliamentary procedures, including advising the Board about

  • Established procedural matters, as related to Roberts’ Rules of Order Newly Revised
  • operations of the organization, as written in the AEM Constitution and Bylaws, and
  • operations of the organization as written in the AEM Job Descriptions and policies


If you can run a classroom or plan a party, Board Services is for you!  Contact Kris to help!