How can I help?

You can write articles to the Art Exchange newsletter, submit events and happenings/research content for the Art Express e-newsletter, help update posts on social media, currently we are especially looking for someone to write articles on current events/trends and issues to submit to the EDMn publication and help with website tasks.  Even just an article or two a year is helpful for either publication!

What does Communications do?    


The charge of the Communications committee shall be to publish information about AEM in physical and digital media in order to keep the organization visible, viable, and vital.


Managing and updating electronic media including:

  • Website*
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Drive apps
  • Member surveys
  • Other new social media as appropriate
  • Publishing a member newsletter that includes:
    • News of the organization
    • Relevant art education updates and events
  • Facilitate communication between:
    • Board members and committees
    • AEM leadership and membership

*Expectations of website management include the following:

  • Maintain and update content information in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with all members of the AEM Board and organize information received for the website, such as registration for conferences
  • Serve as liaison between AEM and its Internet service provider
  • Collect and compare bids for any website related tasks to be performed by an outside agency
  • Make recommendations on approval of negotiated pricing and / or contracts with service providers and developers to the AEM Board
  • Establish visibility on the Internet and promote access through search engine registration
  • Receive and review all Internet correspondence
  • Respond to inquiries and / or forward information to appropriate Board Committees for action


Art Exchange:

The Art Exchange is AEM's NAEA award winning newsletter.

Submission dates for articles for the Art Exchange are: July 15th - fall issue, December 15th - winter issue, and March 15th - spring issue.

Submissions to be submitted to Kevan Nitzberg at (click link above)

Submissions from members can include but are not limited to the following:

- articles on local / school visual art related events

- lessons / projects to share

- images of student artwork - check for district policy allowing permission to use student names

- teacher art work

Images need to be in jpg format and no larger than 1 megabyte for emailing purposes
If links are included in articles they need to be current and likely to remain active for a long period of time


Art Express:

The Art Express is AEM's electronic information news and information sheet that is sent out via email. 

Submissions to be sent to Kevan Nitzberg.

Submissions from members can include but are not limited to the following:

- local events

- opportunities for teachers / students

- resources



If you like to write, use social media, and connect with people, Communications is for you!  Contact Kevan to help!