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It shall be the charge of Membership to recruit, maintain, and meet the needs of AEM members.


This Includes:

Managing contact lists of

  • AEM Members
  • Former AEM members
  • Retirees
  • Higher ed contacts
  • Pre-service teachers

Arranging member perks and activities including:

  • Member shows
  • Awards
  • Retiree recognition
  • Membership promotion events
  • Member discount programs

Facilitating member activities including

  • Conference registration
  • Membership processing at state and national levels
  • Communicating with NAEA about membership issues

Staying in contact with members including

  • Surveys of past, present, future members
  • Articles for the newsletter
  • Posting to social media



If you like to meet people, plan art shows, or organize people, Member Services is for you!  Contact Erika to help!